• Inspiration and Focus for Writers

    Relieve writer's block and conquer anxiety, procrastination, and self-doubt with our premier program.

  • Coping with Financial Difficulty & Creating Abundance

    A program for anyone struggling in these challenging times. Boost your power to think creatively, spot opportunities and
    attract that which you need.

  • Attracting the Love You Desire

    A program to help you manifest the love and relationships you need and desire.

  • Healing from Heart Disease

    A guided imagery meditation to help you find the peace and relaxation needed to heal your heart from disease and hypertension.

Imagine a Better Life Today with Guided Imagery for Life

Looking for more focus and direction towards achieving your most dearly held goals? Seeking help to soothe your mind and spirit so your body can heal better? Need to de-stress and relax and find a place of peace? The image of the life you desire is inside you!

In as little as twenty minutes a day, Guided Imagery for Life audio programs can help you enter a guided meditative state that better aligns your conscious and unconscious minds so you feel peaceful and relaxed and better prepared to make the best image of your life become the reality of your life.

What is Guided Imagery?

Guided Imagery is a powerful meditative tool which helps martial the substantial strength of the mind/body connection. It is often used to enhance learning and creativity, improve artistic or athletic performance, and aid in healing from injury or illness. It is not a substitute for professional medical or psychological care.

By using the power of the human imagination and offering images to your mind, guided imagery takes advantage of the phenomena by which your body experiences images created in your mind as real. In addition to relaxing you while you listen, this can help you feel calm and more in control when the meditation is over as well as provide you with an increased sense of peace, well-being and ease in the world.

For more information about guided imagery in general, please see WebMD.

What Makes Guided Imagery for Life Different

Each Guided Imagery for Life audio program is wholly unique in music and imagery. Unlike other lines of guided imagery programming, no two Guided Imagery for Life programs repeat the same music or same words of induction, relaxation or meditative imagery. Each meditation is originally scripted in detail to unlock the specific stuck, negative or unhealthy patterns that typically constellate around a particular issue. No two issues have the same exact constellation so no two Guided Imagery for Life programs take you through the same exact inner imagery journey. We at Guided Imagery for Life take the time to craft very theme specific images by diligent research into the healing archetypes and dream language related to main issue of each program.

How to Use Guided Imagery for Life

The first half of each program is approximately twenty minutes of guided imagery meditation. The second half is approximately twenty minutes of affirmations. You can listen to the guided imagery and affirmations separately or together – whatever works best for you. It is recommended that you listen at least once a day, preferably immediately before going to bed. If you have more time, a relaxing listening session upon rising and again at midday may serve your goals well. However you use the programs, consistent over time will make their supportive effects stronger.